19/05/2015 Andreas

A little bit of lightpainting

So one clear starry night I decided to attempt lightpainting. It had been a while since I’ve tried it so yeah, gave it a new shot! Lightpainting

However, I ran into some issues and didn’t get the best result I was looking for. First of all, I have a separate flash but it lacks the timer-function. It would’ve helped get a lot nicer results. I had to use my mobilephone for the lights and plan carefully how long should I paint, and when to leave the phone on the bag (Can see the bright dot) to illuminate myself. For the self-illumination part, the independently working powerful flash would’ve been amazing. It could’ve helped me capture crazy jumps in the midst of the light trails. And if my DSLR battery would’ve lasted, I could’ve used a way longer shutterspeed to capture amazing star trails.

Put these together : light painting, action pose/jump in mid-air (light *stopped* by an independently timed flash) + star trails = epicness. Someday, I’m gonna do it! 😀 But that would take some time, since summer is getting here in a fast pace and finnish summer is pretty much starless. Would make such a great picture though.

It was quite thrilling to go take photos in that location at 1-2 am, through a dark forest and basicly was being as blind as a bat. When I reached this location, I could hear movement approaching me in these bushes:

So I took a photo with flash, just to see what on earth was moving there. I’m so relieved I didn’t capture any glowing eyes in this picture. Must’ve been some harmless critter!


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