Video finally OUT!

I finally published my new video to showcase my new skills! 🙂 I made a leap to a completely different trade in the beginning of 2015 and I’ve enjoyed all the new challenges it has provided.

Thinking in retrospect, I find it a bit funny that I used to think I’d never get involved in web design. I found it off-putting with all the different technical limitations for creative expression. However, I’ve learnt that where there’s will there’s always a way. I’ve also learnt to enjoy the new and different way of working, it’s more crucial to collaborate when it comes to web than what I used to do previously. Previously I worked highly independently creating support videos, now I’ve been involved in service design and UI design which require deep collaboration with different members of the team. I’ve however found the skills I learnt before highly valuable, since they allow me to create customized motion for … anywhere basicly, and I wouldn’t need to stick for any default motion presets any prototyping tool provides. The animation skills also allow me to create these kickass videos 😉

The contrast between these videos is quite big, and I’m happy to see a noticeable progress in my own design skills. The creation of the video was a bit slow process, since I’ve had to work on it on my own free time. Sometimes after work, I just didn’t have the brain power / productivity to work on my own video. So, that’s why I’m super thrilled that I managed to finally publish it!

Here’s the olde one:

Video game music kicks ass!

I can’t help sharing about my feelings about video game music. Video games are an incredible form of immersive media. Successful games really suck you inside the game world and whatever happens there, feels a whole lot different than watching a movie as a passive spectator. What comes to music, if it’s well done – it absolutely gets stuck in your head! Here’s a list of my all time favorites, starting from the beginning:

1. Warcraft 2

Can you believe this stuff was made in MIDI? You could probably fit the full soundtrack (48 minutes) below one 1 Mbt! Sorcery! – and really fun memories, “Aye aye sir!”

2. Unreal

Then the 3D-graphics came along, bringing some new amazing features! The graphics of this game were jaw-dropping and gameplay was excellent! This really was amazing stuff when it came out. It was a really great experience! The music was in .MOD format, I believe. I think I found my passion for electronic music with this 🙂

3. Deus Ex

My all-time favourite, Deus Ex! This game had a really complex narrative storyline that gave player the freedom to make decisions that have an impact for the rest of the game. Deus Ex was a really amazing game and they really put effort on the ambience.

4. Assassins Creed

Jumping way into the future. 3D is an old thing and basically a standard in AAA-games. Nevertheless, they still know how to make epic music! I feel it isn’t as common as before to make epic mindblowing music, since they all kinda sound the same? That’s the feeling I’ve had, however Assassins Creed managed to create really great music that fit the world perfectly. Imagine yourself riding a horse toward ancient Rome and hearing this, amazing! Right? The composer, Jesper Kyd, is a genius I say.

5. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was a very ambitious project, and got a load of criticism for not fulfilling all the expectations. I had a shitty computer that barely ran the game but I still enjoyed the game thoroughly! It was a completely new idea and concept, and you have to cut some slack for trying to create something with that magnitude. I really enjoyed the gameworld despite  all its’ flaws, especially the music was great. When you discovered the bunker and heard this… Mesmerizing!

New year calls for a new focus!

So I decided to go for a complete makeover for 2016! My aim was to redesign my site with new modern look and with a more specific focus on mind. 2015 was a great year and I’ve learned a ton of new skills which will reflect on my site as well. I’m also working on a very ambitious project which will take some time to finish, but I’ll be super proud to show it once it starts to look somehow representable! 🙂

I wish you had a great 2015 and will have an even better 2016! 🙂

Back to business!

So after a super fun holiday it’s time to get productive again! I’m planning to turn around the professional work-section, since the projects are kind of outdated and my skills have developed. I’ve also been thinking about doing more freelancer stuff to fill my portfolio! I’m already working on one thing and have enjoyed working with different projects! So yes, new stuff incoming. Yay! 🙂
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Went to Netherlands!

I got an amazing opportunity to travel to Netherlands for work! As I started my new job quite recently I haven’t got that many vacation days to use. I half-jokingly suggested that maybe I could travel to Netherlands to our other offices to do some work, because our finnish office is closed during July. As it happened, answer was “yes, sure!” and off I went. I got to see both offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Rotterdam office

Rotterdam office

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