Fancy a cup of Blender?

I decided to do some self-learning in 3D for a change! As I’m not a student anymore, I cannot take advantage of the student versions of 3DS Max. 3DS Max is a really powerful and great tool, but Blender doesn’t seem to be too bad either. And yeah, did I forget to mention it’s absolutely free? I had my first encounter with Blender at school a couple years back, but the UI was so dreadful it didn’t really inspire to learn more.
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Practising drawing, victim #1: Angelina Jolie

It’s been quite some time since I’ve drawn any portraits, so I decided to give it a try! I wanted to draw something beautiful for a change and decided to practise with beautiful women! I don’t own any special artist pencils, I just used what I happened to have in my reach. When you start practising a skill that has gotten a bit rusty over the years, the path to learn is always paved with some fails. Here’s my fail!
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Rebranding page postponed

I’ve mostly concentrated on pushing more content out instead of creating the rebranding page. The rebranding page wouldn’t contain anything new contentwise, it would be a separate page where I describe the style and design work. The page will also represent all the different elements that go hand-in-hand visually. These elements include my business cards, CV, video, logo-design and this site. I’ll also show a screenshot of my older site just to give a “before – after” – comparison. I feel like creating new stuff so I’m gonna work more on the page later.. In some point… 🙂

Progression on rebranding!

Okay, so I decided to just post once more! I finally received my business cards! They turned out to be OK, considering the price. They however came out with a slightly corny slogan I had in an older draft. Anyways, no more endless self-critique and complaining. They are just fine 😀  Just need to throw 100 of them around before making a new order…


Yeah, this should do just fine 🙂

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My wishes in advance: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I just noticed I haven’t posted anything for a month. Well, here comes an update! It has been a super busy month at work – deadlines closing in and lots of work! Luckily it’s starting to ease down now and Christmas holidays are closing in. I really am in need of a holiday. My brain has just suffered a severe After Effects overload, and it desperately needs some delicious Christmas food and minimum of 12 hours sleep a day to recover 😀
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IGDA & Game Cave by SGC

So I attended two game developer events yesterday! I first attended Game Cave by Serious Gaming Cluster. The focus was on educational games, but there were also a few “less serious” games. There were pretty cool concepts and Funtek was probably my favourite. Fun thing: I attended as an independent developer and didn’t have an official stand anywhere. So I just hijacked a table from the corner and showed my demo around.

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