15/05/2015 Andreas

CXPA & MOMO – event 7.5.

So this is kinda different kind of stuff I tend to post. More professional let’s say, nevertheless should be interesting if you happen to be interested in tech trends. So I was asked to participate and take some photos, this was quite challenging at times since I was really interested in following the discussions 😀 But it all went well!


There were speakers from interesting startups and big businesses. A big business worth mentioning was Kone, who revealed their views for future mobility within structures. Also there was discussion about IOT, Internet Of Things. This is an industry what I think is going to boom in the future. Even today, I’m able to control my TV and even A/C with my phone (Check “Peel Smart remote”). Samsung has also released washing machines that you can control with your smartphone via wifi. The only worrying thing is security. I’d hope to have my own home appliances in a strictly closed network, just because we all know how the internet works. There are always people who push the boundaries in good and bad. I wouldn’t like to see my future self-filling smart fridge order me 10 boxes of eggs, just for some hackers lols. And that would be quite innocent! A *smart* washing machine could actually do some bad damage in your apartment. I don’t feel it’d be secure to control everything with your phone, as easy and convenient as it would be. That’s exactly the reason why phones would become a big target for hackers/trojans/whatever. IOT will make things easier and convenient for us, but I just hope it’ll be secure! 🙂

I must also mention Blindsquare. It offers location guidance for blind people, how great is that? 🙂 There were also other technologies I’m interested in, such as NFC and games. Smartrac was present and showed a cool demo for a game that uses their NFC-technology, in a similar way as you may have seen in Skylanders. I might even post a video of it here.. 🙂 They don’t only focus on fun and games, but also in other big industries!

Overall it was great to meet people from different trades!

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