26/08/2015 Andreas

Playing around with Google Cardboard

VR is a trending tech these days and what’s great for Android users is that it’s very affordable. Not to mention, surprisingly good especially with phones that have QHD screens! I’m using a Galaxy S6 Edge and I ordered my VR headgear from eBay, paid only 10€ 🙂

Here are my favourite VR picks for Android:

1. °360 Youtube videochannel & AAA VR Cinema

Absolutely loving these! Youtube has plenty of immersive °360 videos that are amazing. Here’s my favourite °360 video so far

Of course there are 3D videos as well, with fixed cameras that you may not pan around but are still amazing.

You may also use AAA VR Cinema to view offline-videos! It includes headtracking that isn’t perfectly calibrated, so there is slight drifting in spatial positioning. Anyways it’s free, so worth the download!

2. Crazy swing and Rollercoaster VR by Fibrum

Fibrum has released two demos that I really like. Sadly, these are not free anymore. I managed to test both of these before they received a price tag. Crazy Swing is definitely my favourite, it has cool futuristic graphics and cool dubstep blasting in the background which actually felt like surround sound. I may be mistaken, but the music definitely helped the demo seem more immersive.

Crazy Swing by FIBRUM

Rollercoaster VR was also a really well executed VR-demo by Fibrum. Naturally, you must try a Rollercoaster app in VR 😉

3. Trinus VR – Stream your desktop (PC) games to Google Cardboard!

As incredible as it sounds, it’s possible! This is for you like-minded desktop gamers and geeks who want to play around and experiment with different tech. This app allows you to basicly stream your desktop view to your Android! You may stream over WiFi or via USB-cable. When you launch any 3D game – you may toggle on the “Fake 3D”-setting if your game doesn’t natively support 3D-view. Here it is in action:

I played Outlast with this faked 3D and experienced slight lag and claustrophobia. You may reduce the lag by setting your graphics lower and using a USB-cable instead of WiFi. Current version also supports headtracking, but it doesn’t know how to utilize the phones gyroscope data. Instead of that obvious solution, it utilizes an odd webcam + symbols on your headgear-combo. However, it’s somewhat usable by playing the old-fashioned way, panning with mouse. Trinus is still under development so headtracking will hopefully be there in the future. Not perfect yet, but if you wish to try what the future has in hold – go for it!

4. Cmoar VR Cinema – Owning a private Cinema

Want to have a private cinema? Good news, this app is for you! Cmoar VR Cinema makes you really feel like you’re in a cinema. The graphics are fantastic and the UI is user friendly! The buttons and UI have a pleasant design and it’s easy to use. However in my case the voice search didn’t work and it’s super frustrating to type in Youtube search words by spinning your head around. Also after a while you’d really like to switch in a full screen mode and have the headtracking controls available in °360 videos. That’s something they’d really need to add in this app. After a while you’ll get just depressed looking around and seeing all the empty seats …  realizing how lonely you are 😉

Cmoar VR Cinema

Fullscreen °360 and 3D-videos are the reason why I’d watch videos in VR. Not getting the sensation of owning my own private cinema… But that’s just me. Worth a try anyways!

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