2D Game Demo

A thesis project for Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

I decided to create a 2D-platformer game demo as a thesis-project for my university. I’m more of a hands-on guy, than a theoretical academic writer so this approach was more suitable for me. I’m glad it was possible to create a real project as my thesis. This allowed me to have a creative freedom to design and develop the game. I also thought that a concrete project would help me in the future and be a nice addition to my portfolio.  My initial goal was to develop the game for Android/Windows Phone, but I soon realized  this couldn’t be done in such a short timespan. The project was challenging and had an insane workload, because not only did I design, animate and develop – I also had to write and document stuff for the thesis! And, of course – I was also working fulltime! Taking these facts into consideration, I focused on making a simple & short level for browsers.

About the game:

Mr. Puz is a gentleman octopus who loves hoarding pearls and living in the ocean! However, on one unfortunate day he spots an irresistable glowing object in the sea and tries to grab it. Turns out it was a bait, and he gets fished up in a fishing boat. The fishing boat sails to a big city, where mr. Puz gets delivered to a supermarket. A man comes in, craving for seafood and purchases Mr. Puz for dinner. However, at the mans house, Mr. Puz’s quest to escape begins. This leads him through different exciting levels where he has to gather pearls and defeat enemies. So go ahead, help Mr. Puz out and get him back home!


Before you give the demo a try, I just want to point out some things:

  • Open with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (Preferably Chrome)
  • Wait until the game loads music (May take a couple of seconds)
  • For optimal experience, hit F11 for fullscreen
  • Controls : Mouse in mainmenu, arrow-keys in game. Tip: You can climb up the white pipe 😉

– Note: It’s 1080p which is nice for eyes, but what comes to performance – not optimized, so be patient, merciful and forgiveful! Also note that this is nowhere near finished. And it will never be, since it only serves as proof of concept.

Play the game

Thesis – Note: it’s in finnish. The thesis is focused mostly on demonstrating the workflow.

This project was very enlightening and I learnt a lot about the workflow of creating 2D-videogames. I also learnt a lot about game development with Construct 2 and I’m pretty sure I’ll start working on a game for a mobile platform in the future.

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Game Engine:
Construct 2

Adobe Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6

After Effects CS6

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