Misc work

I’m happy I’ve got the opportunity work on many different exciting projects! The best way to learn is by doing and I’m always up for a challenge! I got introduced to 2D-animation when I was an intern at Nitro Film. I learned so much and my skills in animation have steadily grown over the years. I also got involved in 3D-modelling while I was working in Scotland. The 3D-fuser is one of my first works in 3D. I’ve used Sketchup for simple 3D-modelling, but I’m looking forward to learning other tools as well! These projects are quite old; due to contractual reasons I’m not able to present my most recent professional work.

Projects for my university

For more details about my role in the gameproject, download the Artbook. It includes graphics and animation I created. Also, have a look at the game demo done completely solo – by me!

Other work

Various stuff I’ve done for fun. Sadly, I don’t have access to 3DS Max anymore.

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