30/09/2014 Andreas

Pun intended

Back again! I managed to hijack this new domain and I’m very happy about it. It’s short, easy to remember and may lead the visitor to have way too high hopes for that feeling of “awe”. Just kidding, my content is going to be awesome. This site’s going to rock so hard, it should be outlawed! Okay, forgive me – this is turning into a really cheesy post. I just wanted to milk my domain for a second. Moving on!

So I’ve made a full circle: started with WordPress, ditched it, created my own site and finally returned to the comfort of WordPress. I started with a free theme – this one to be exact. It was a nice theme, yes, but I couldn’t get all the fun customisation stuff in the free version. So after a while, I took the next step and created everything by myself. Built the whole site in Adobe Dreamweaver. As a HTML + CSS – hating fellow, I’m still wonderstruck by how they managed to name such a sadistic software with such a beautiful name. Dreamweaver… Sounds like it could weave all your dreams come true. It will however never give you true happiness, like a house on a hill, a beautiful family and a fulfilling life. On the contrary, it will challenge your sanity. But, in the right hands it could make you rich and you could just buy all the happy-stuff! So as you might have noticed – I’m not a web-developer, and whenever I see a text-document filled with alien computer language, I get shivers.  However, I just have to give a big thumbs up to whoever came up with the name: Dreamweaver! Of course I also must give kudos to them who master this field, respect!

I thought I would build everything from scratch again. I was determined to create the website in art deco – style, which by the way is amazing. I love symmetry! I was planning to build the site with CC Muse instead of Dreamweaver. But looking at the cost how much I’d pay for CC Muse monthly (without a deal, since I’ve already got CS6 masters collection), I came to the conclusion that it would be cheaper & smarter to just buy a multifunctional, flexible & well-made WordPress theme. I probably wouldn’t have been able to bring the functionality I wished for with Muse. Or perhaps I would’ve, but it would take more time and gotta pay for the usage every month! You can get really nice and well-made themes in Themeforest. Not to mention, the price is very competetive!

Anyways, this website-update allows me to easily push new content without touching a line of html/css. So, there will be tons of more content on this site. Which is going to be….. aweso.. great! 😉

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