25/08/2015 Andreas

There may be a new facelift…

So I’ve been working on some ambitious projects at my work and also been involved in freelancer projects. The nature of my work has changed quite a lot and I’ve learned a ton of new skills, all of them mainly related to visual-, interaction- and web design. That’s something I believe I’ll be focusing more in the future and the animation part will fall in the “hobbyism” section. However, that’s a skill I’ll definitely want to maintain. It also helps to create a new reel for presenting my new set of skills 😉 Also, most of the content is my personal projects and the more *professional* projects-section is outdated. The current mobile version isn’t really optimized and that will definitely change as well. So this all means that there’s a need for a new fresh look with more up-to-date offering of my skills 🙂 The new look will be more colourful and will have a more refined focus! It’s a big task, so won’t be happening in a while. But it will… one day! 🙂

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