02/06/2017 Andreas

Video game music kicks ass!

I can’t help sharing about my feelings about video game music. Video games are an incredible form of immersive media. Successful games really suck you inside the game world and whatever happens there, feels a whole lot different than watching a movie as a passive spectator. What comes to music, if it’s well done – it absolutely gets stuck in your head! Here’s a list of my all time favorites, starting from the beginning:

1. Warcraft 2

Can you believe this stuff was made in MIDI? You could probably fit the full soundtrack (48 minutes) below one 1 Mbt! Sorcery! – and really fun memories, “Aye aye sir!”

2. Unreal

Then the 3D-graphics came along, bringing some new amazing features! The graphics of this game were jaw-dropping and gameplay was excellent! This really was amazing stuff when it came out. It was a really great experience! The music was in .MOD format, I believe. I think I found my passion for electronic music with this 🙂

3. Deus Ex

My all-time favourite, Deus Ex! This game had a really complex narrative storyline that gave player the freedom to make decisions that have an impact for the rest of the game. Deus Ex was a really amazing game and they really put effort on the ambience.

4. Assassins Creed

Jumping way into the future. 3D is an old thing and basically a standard in AAA-games. Nevertheless, they still know how to make epic music! I feel it isn’t as common as before to make epic mindblowing music, since they all kinda sound the same? That’s the feeling I’ve had, however Assassins Creed managed to create really great music that fit the world perfectly. Imagine yourself riding a horse toward ancient Rome and hearing this, amazing! Right? The composer, Jesper Kyd, is a genius I say.

5. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was a very ambitious project, and got a load of criticism for not fulfilling all the expectations. I had a shitty computer that barely ran the game but I still enjoyed the game thoroughly! It was a completely new idea and concept, and you have to cut some slack for trying to create something with that magnitude. I really enjoyed the gameworld despite  all its’ flaws, especially the music was great. When you discovered the bunker and heard this… Mesmerizing!


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