03/05/2015 Andreas

Yeah, I’m doing stuff!

Now that the most hectic phase is over at work, I’ve been able to ponder around new fun stuff to do at my own time. I’ve got an idea for a game and in this phase, it can merely be considered as a concept. Nothing more really. If I only had the time and resources, I’d put all I have on the fun little projects I’ve got dwelling in my brain heheh 😉

I always hate to post stuff that’s unfinished. But here’s some on-going stuff. I learned a valuable lesson from my previous game-project and now aim to create most of the graphics in vector-graphics. The next update I’ll post will be more lavish with graphics, this is just a kickoff post for a new project 😉

Here’s a very crude snapshot, it involves a Jesus’ish guy, a very unfinished hipster and isometric small town america-graphics! Enjoy!läppä

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