My name’s Andreas Wargh and I’m an UX designer! I’m driven by curiosity so I started my career off as a jack of all trades but later on got more specialized in UX design. I have long career in UX design and I’ve been involved in major projects in B2C and transformation projects regarding business critical systems. I have a past in telecommunications and insurance as UX designer. Currently I’m working as an product designer at OP Financial group.

I’m also experienced in animation, web design and graphic design.

6 years of UX

I have professional UX experience in telecommunications and financial services. Experienced in major projects such as IA design, navigation, system UX design for both customers and internal use, and two rebranding-projects. My daily routine has also included conversion optimization and self-service improvements. I’m currently especially interested in system / digitalization projects.

Design that lives and breaths

I have two years of professional experience in UI animation. Bring your UI to life and improve the UX!

Holistic & result driven

Armed with genuine empathy I consider different stakeholders and always aim for the best result. I have multiple successful projects that I’m very proud of and which have been very educational!

Ota yhteyttä!

Olen kuulolla. Minuun saa yhteyden myös puhelimitse +358453207598