It’s lonely in Signal

During January 2021, Facebook decided to roll out a new privacy agreement globally. When this reached my phone, I think I just clicked “Agree” because = PRIVACY. WHATEVER. Just let me use the damn thing. Only until the internet started raging about the privacy agreement, I started to become worried. The outcry confused Facebook since they weren’t bringing anything new apparently on the table. They were merely clarifying their shady privacy agreement. But it was too late.

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Switching from Samsung S8 to iPhone 12 – Conclusion

So after a whole month of fiddling around with iPhone 12, I’ve reached a conclusion that switching was quite easy and painless. In fact, it’s easier than ever. There’s an apparent swift in Apples strategy to try reach Android audiences to their camp. Apple has pushed out more and more devices with cheaper price tags, for example the new iPhone SE 2020 edition is a quite cheap gateway drug to the Appleverse. Although the SE version looks really old with thicc bezels, it still packs solid tech that is competetive and attractive for the wide audience.

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Switching from Samsung S8 to iPhone 12 – Part 3

Mobile photography has taken great leaps in quality and usability during 2 years. Phones used to come out with only one main camera and it was a constant struggle trying to fit everything in the frame, you always had to step back since everything seemed to be so “close”. This has luckily changed and now the market is filled with multiple lens systems in phones. Some of them aren’t that great, some of them are. What comes to iPhone 12, its camera system is fantastic!

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Switching from Samsung S8 to iPhone 12 – Part 1

So. I decided to get an iPhone! I’ve owned three Samsung Galaxy S-series phones during about 6-7 years, ranging from Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S6 Edge and the latest one being Galaxy S8. All these phones were great at the time, top of the line flagship phones. However the lifespan for a highend Samsung phone has seemed to be 2 years, 3 years tops. Before all this, I used to be a hardcore Nokia fan with Symbian phones and later owned an Lumia 800. I’m not a strong believer of a certain mobile OS anymore, there are different schools of thought and they all have their ups and downs.

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Läpileikkaus evästeisiin

Tietojen kerääminen on elintärkeää jotta voidaan seurata verkkopalveluiden performanssia, parantaa palveluita ja esittää vierailijoille kohdennettua mainontaa. Muun muassa mammuttimaisen Amazonin menestys on pitkälti pohjautunut datan keruuseen ja sen pohjalta rakennettuun asiakastuntemukseen. Evästeet mahdollistivat tärkeän datan keruun UX-tiimeille, mutta toimivat myös merkittävänä markkinoinnin työkaluna. Käyttäjän kannalta näkyvimpiä evästeisiin kytkettyjä palveluita ovat muun muassa kolmannen osapuolen toimittamat chat-palvelut (esim. Giosg) ja se maaginen havainto että – kas kummaa, näet mainoksia tuotteesta jota olet hakenut ja selaillut vähän niinkuin kaikkialla. Read more

5 Online UX practices that drive me nuts

Online services have improved quite a lot, but there’s also an alarming amount of clutter that makes me irritated, mad and even nauseous! Here is my top 5 list of the worst UX practices that have been quite common. Luckily big tech companies have recently focused on making mobile UX more zen with restrictions on how to use push notifications, notification dots and other UI elements that are invasive by nature. We don’t live in a perfect world though… and never will!

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