Are you looking for an user centric UX-designer? I help your organization implement user friendly solutions and with digital transformation with over six years of experience!

I have a background in multiple successful major projects such as IA design, a whole new system built from scratch, navigation and two re-branding projects. My daily routine has also included conversion optimization, accessibility fixes and self-service improvements. I have a good understanding of design systems and I’m also interested in digital transformation projects. On top of creating a highly usable product, I also find the aesthetics important!

Please note that projects presented in the video are completely imaginary, request for portfolio!

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My design process

I’ve followed the design thinking -model in my larger projects. As a freelancer, I can provide the best value in steps 2, 3, 4 and parts of 5. First step is trickiest to conduct remotely, since I strongly believe workshops bring best value when people get together in the same place.

1. Research & workshops

Mapping the painpoints of current services and researching user needs. Trying to get a better customer understanding and clarify business goals.

2. Wireframing + user testing
As soon as there’s an understanding of what is actually needed. I begin to sketch rough wireframes of the UI. This is a heavily iterative phase and there’s a lot of going back and forth with different stakeholders. Depending of the nature of the project, it may be smart to also get a technical view of how feasible the concept is to actually develop. Once everyone shares an initial vision of the concept, it’s crucial to test the UI with users.

3. Design + user testing
Once the wireframe has been tested and the major flaws discovered, it’s time to fix those issues and design flesh around the bones. This phase is highly iterative and has increasing involvement with developers. If possible, it’s always good to arrange user testing because the UI tends to change during the process.

4. Development
This is a critical phase of the project. Design needs to be communicated to developers in a clear way. It’s also very important to listen to developers ideas, they are very creative!

5. Testing, production and feedback
I also like to participate into testing, however not as extensively as a professional tester. However, I feel it’s important to be there every step of the way as a designer. Once the project has been published to production, a feedback loop is triggered where we survey the performance and customer feedback of the service and act accordingly.

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